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About Us

As a company, we are aware that there is a wide development potential and therefore we constantly strive to improve individual activities, and thus contribute to higher efficiency and smooth running of individual company processes. The priority goal of the company is to fulfil the needs and requirements of the customers in order to maximise their satisfaction. Our mission is to gradually become a clear and primary choice in the services we provide thanks to our effective communication, complete transparency, confidential partnership and responsible actions.


MAS Services cooperates with several qualified and established employers throughout the European Union. Maintaining and expanding the portfolio of employers is one of the main goals of the company. In addition, the company’s priority goal is the satisfaction of all interested parties interacting with our company.

MAS Services, s.r.o. was founded in 2016 as a service centre for service and operation of technologies, as well as consulting activities in the field of maintenance and optimisation of processes. Gradually, as the company grew, it began to be approached by existing foreign partners for help in assigning employees. Subsequently, the Slovak Staffing Agency was established as well as a temporary employment agency for Germany and also for Austria in 2023. We focus on helping in the field of CNC machining, electricity, mechanics, welding as well as technical and administrative workers.

Our team

Kristína Staneková

Personal assistant

Ľubomír Kušniarik

Sales Manager

Radoslav Jeřábek


Šimuniová Miriam

HR manager


Our team consists of a small group of dedicated individuals, each focusing on an area where they can best showcase their expertise and where they have gained specialized knowledge, diverse experiences, and skills. Our employees continuously improve and develop their potential to progress and advance the company’s business. All members are integral parts of the team, with each being an equal participant contributing to the achievement of our company goals through their commitment and dedication. We firmly believe that our team forms the foundation for a successful journey, and we look forward to further shared accomplishments and challenges that lie ahead. Together, we strive to fulfill the essence of our vision – to become a highly customer-oriented company providing top-notch services to all stakeholders. Without further ado, let us introduce the individual members of our team.

Boris GROHMANN – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

He is responsible for the leadership, representation, reputation, and overall functioning of MAS Services company. His goal is to establish new collaborations and secure contracts for long-term cooperation.

Boris is fair, determined, and ambitious. He possesses courage, decisiveness, and self-assurance, balanced with self-criticism. He has a good ability to anticipate and find effective solutions in times of crisis.

“Forging new partnerships is a commitment that MAS Services is determined to pursue towards successful collaborations. As each company we work with is unique in its business, approach, and negotiation style, our employees see this as a challenge rather than a problem.”

Kristína STANEKOVÁ – CEO´s Assistant

She is responsible for fulfilling supportive and complementary tasks in parallel with the Managing Director’s work. Her responsibilities include managing and sorting email communication based on its importance and urgency, providing timely responses to them. Additionally, she is in charge of organizing and planning meetings and business appointments. Her work also involves marketing activities related to the company’s promotion. Furthermore, she takes care of the company’s employees and ensures the smooth running of daily administrative operations at MAS Services. She focuses on job opportunities and handles matters concerning the domestic job market.

Kristína is kind, communicative, independent, proactive, and responsible. She has a pleasant demeanor, expresses her opinions effectively, and is open to discussing differing viewpoints. She is intuitive and follows her inner voice when making routine decisions as well as tackling more challenging tasks.

Bc. Ľubomír KUŠNIARIK – Sales and Business Development Manager

He is responsible for all operations in the company that are in any way related to its business activities. His main focus is on sales and representing the products and services offered by the company as part of its entrepreneurial endeavors. Among other tasks, he is in charge of creating cost and pricing calculations and subsequently preparing price quotes for potential customers.

Ľubomír is ambitious and has the ability to present persuasively, with a rich vocabulary and effective communication skills. He can communicate efficiently and gather all the necessary information from conversations. As a team member, he excels at building a positive reputation for the company and demonstrates good time-management abilities.

Ing. Radoslav JEŘÁBEK – Chief Accountant of the compamy

He is responsible for managing the company’s accounting and financial affairs. His responsibilities also include handling the payroll for the employees. Radoslav is in charge of the company’s financial management and compiles quarterly reports that determine the future direction of the company’s financial flows and overall business strategies.

Radoslav is an analytical type who is dedicated and responsible in his work. He likes to check the work he has done and tries to find the simplest but most effective solutions possible. He is reliable, attentive and precise and confident in the performance of his profession. He communicates analytical outputs as well as accounting outputs clearly and directly, being detail-oriented when presenting the results achieved and always ready to respond to any question about his work.

Miriam ŠIMUNIOVÁ – personnel professional, HR manager

Miriam is responsible for the personnel agenda of the company. Taking care of business partners is her priority activity. She focuses on job opportunities on the Austrian labour market.

Miriam is an innovative thinker with great imagination, which are reflected in her work. She is good at self-management and likes to learn new things that help her improve her work.

The company cares for its employees and regularly provides them with opportunities for various training in their respective areas of work. Employees at MAS Services have the chance to continually improve and grow personally. They are encouraged to develop both their soft and hard skills, allowing them to enhance their expertise in areas they choose. Team cohesion is strengthened through regular meetings during and outside of working hours. These meetings foster interpersonal relationships and serve as platforms for employees to share suggestions and observations regarding ways to improve or streamline operations. Among colleagues, there is a prevailing harmonious atmosphere and a friendly environment. They support each other in meeting challenging demands from clients or partners of the company. If any issues arise, they respond promptly and strive to find smooth solutions that least disrupt the comfort of clients or partners.