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Recruitment agency

MAS Services has a wide portfolio of services within its own business activities. We focus on mediating and implementing short-term and long-term projects, employment through the services of a staffing agency, and operating a shop with welding equipment and accessories. Among other things, we also deal with robotisation and automation of processes, robotic and manual welding, together with the corresponding consultancy in the aforementioned areas. Priority is given to the following activities:

  • In relation to the staffing agency, the company’s HR specialists focus on processing various job positions and then contacting suitable potential candidates from a wide database, so that the position is as compatible as possible with the potential job seeker. They are intensively trying to reach out in order to acquire new companies that would expand the portfolio of partners.
  • In the field of robotic welding and welding technology, the company deals with commercial activities with these goods. We carefully display the purchased goods in the show room. In case of serious interest, the company will procure larger and more demanding welding machines, especially robotic welding machines, from the supplier and then carry out all the processes necessary to deliver these goods as soon as possible and at the best possible price.
  • In the field of leak testing and automation, we provide complete consultancy and design solutions for various production processes to our partners. In addition to drafting and processing the proposal, we also prepare a price calculation. At the request of the client, we can make the given solutions functional and fully put into operation with minimal delay in the operating cycle of the supplied company.

Our Human Resources department, among other things, acts as an employment intermediary for potential job seekers. We maintain a wide range of cooperations with corporations that are leaders in the given industry and constantly build good relationships and an environment in which all interested parties feel comfortable. On one hand, we care about satisfaction and good feedback from our employees, and on the other hand, we are pleased with positive feedback from the employers. The maximum satisfaction of any interested party is our priority.