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Position: Toolmaker

We are expanding our team and looking for a suitable candidate or multiple candidates for the position of Toolmaker. Knowledge of the German language within the team is required in the case of multiple candidates.


As a company, we have various projects in different locations and different companies, mainly in Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Italy. Most of the job offers are intended for self-employed individuals, but we also have offers for permanent employment.


Number of working hours: Individual, we typically work 10 hours a day, with the possibility of working on Saturdays for 6-10 hours. You can work up to 60 hours per week.


Job Description:

A Toolmaker is a specialist responsible for the production, repair, and maintenance of various tools, molds, and equipment used in industry. Their work is critical to ensuring efficient and reliable production in various industries. Toolmakers play a key role in industrial sectors such as engineering, automotive, plastic processing, and many others. Their precision, expertise, and ability to work with machine tools make them important team members who ensure reliable and efficient production in industrial processes.


Job Duties:


Design and subsequent construction of tools for machining, pressing, milling, turning, and other technologies according to specified specifications and technical drawings.

Working with machine tools (knowledge of milling, turning, and grinding operations) in the production of tools and molds.

Repair and maintenance of existing tools.

Adherence to safety and health regulations at work and compliance with specific work instructions.

Personal Requirements and Skills:


Minimum of 5 years of professional experience as a Toolmaker.

Ability to read and understand technical drawings.

Time flexibility and willingness to travel (work in shifts).

Manual dexterity, ability to work independently, and precision in work.

Knowledge of the German language is required for at least one team member (at a minimum working proficiency level), and another team member should have at least basic language skills at level B1.



Possibility of long-term cooperation (subject to mutual satisfaction).

Motivating financial compensation based on your professional experience and skills.

Personalized approach and communication.

Working in an excellent, well-coordinated team of hardworking members.

Invoice payment terms: Initially according to your preferences, later, standard payment by the 20th day of the calendar month.

The possibility of advance payments based on a personal agreement and consultation.

SALARY: Up to €27 per hour, depending on the number of years of professional experience, language skills, and accommodation requirements.